Home Staging in Dallas

Two of Debbie’s Staged Listings Received Offers in 9 Days

And, One of Those had Multiple Offers!

Of course you want to get the best possible price when you sell your home, and you surely don’t want to pay a lot of what your home will bring to achieve this.  So, the solution is having a home staging professional assist you with getting your home ready for the sale.  Home staging is much more than just cleaning or decorating your home in preparation for selling; it’s about “dressing up” your house for the sale.  Much like adding makeup to your face, it doesn’t alter your looks as much as it enhances your finer features.

FlowersStaging a home correctly is creating a look and feel that your house is more spacious and brighter and has a lot to offer new home buyers.  A home staging professional will remove some of the things that are uniquely yours and replace them with properly placed accessories and accents in balance and harmony so that your home will become more attractive to buyers.  Home buyers need be able to visualize their own furnishings in the home.

You’ll find that proper home staging often will increase the final sales price for your home as well as the number of prospective buyers who view your home; and ultimately, it will decrease the amount of time your home will stay on the market.

You can take advantage of my skills as an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) to put your home’s best face forward!  Having sold many luxury homes, I know what prospective home buyers are looking for and I understand the importance of proper home staging.  I can offer objective home staging advice to give you an edge in today’s market.  Together, you and I will work to minimize the less attractive features of our home by maximizing the more attractive ones, so that your house will appeal to more prospective buyers and create a home they will want to buy.

Assisting you with your home staging is just another aspect of the quality of service you will experience when you list your home with me!  The following photos represent beautifully staged homes. 

If you’re ready to make a move, call me at 214-558-1004 or send an email to request additional information or a complimentary Home Staging Consultation.

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